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Freedom from Domain Parking

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These are real life results using the Beyond Domaining system in my own domain portfolio. This is a one-word .org domain name that I picked up at Snapnames for $60. It was parked at for two years before I decided to develop it using the Beyond Domaining system.

Before Beyond Domaining, it wasn’t even covering its annual registration renewal fees.

The revenue was heart-breakingly disappointing. From August 2008 through December 2008 – five full months – it only generated $1.48 in revenue at with an average RPC of $0.12. That’s pathetic. Especially for a shopping term during the Thanksgiving / Christmas Holiday Shopping Season.

Look familiar?

Underperforming Domain Name Parked at

Underperforming Domain Name Parked at

Enter the Beyond Domaining System

In January 2009 I put this domain name into the Beyond Domaining meat grinder – I invested one day of work: a couple of hours in the morning to launch the site framework, and then the rest of the day to add the content myself. I did not spend anymore time on it than that. None. I did not spam message boards with links. I did not pay an expensive SEO firm any money. I did not not purchase paid search keywords (Google AdWords, etc). I did not spend weeks writing articles. Nothing.

At the end of the day I just sat back and admired my newly launched professional looking site, I had a couple of beers to celebrate, and I settled in for the evening. The next day, I just moved on to develop the next domain in line to continue building my online real estate empire.

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AdSense Screenshot After Beyond Domaining

AdSense Screenshot After Beyond Domaining

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Beyond Domaining Developed Domain at Google AdSense

Beyond Domaining Developed Domain at Google AdSense

Step by Step Instructions

Step by Step Instructions

Imagine how much money you could make if you could replicate this process, the same way that I do, over and over, on new domain name, after new domain name?

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The Beyond Domaining Step-by-Step Rapid Domain Development System

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Beyond Domaining Makes Web Sites Easy

Beyond Domaining Makes Web Sites Easy

As added bonus material, you’ll also get instant access to the following additional resources and tools:

1) Special Custom Template Designs

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4) Expert domain name sourcing and acquisition techniques

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5) Review of domain parking providers

  •,, NameDrive, Domain Sponsor, GoDaddy, Sedo, etc.

I Do Not cover typos, trademarks, cloaking, doorway pages, or other black hat tactics

  • The strategies you’ll learn will generate waaaay too much natural ‘organic’ search traffic from Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Ask to risk getting banned from their indexes

So what does a powerful system like this cost?

Our system was originally priced at $138, but we recently cut the price drastically to only $50! Although the value of our system is in the thousands of dollars, we cut the price in order to get it into the hands of as many people as possible.

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Satisfied Customers

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